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Frequently Asked Questions


Fruit and vegetables naturally contain water. When fruit and vegetables are pressed to extract their juices to make products, a large amount of water is produced in parallel. AquaBotanical takes this water (known as ‘evaporative condensate’) and turns it into water using our patented technology. Until recently, the water extracted from fruit and vegetables grown by farmers world-wide was not re-usable. In fact, this valuable water source was discarded at the detriment of the environment.

The end result is healthy, hydrating, sustainable and renewable pure drinking water. Clear and clean tasting water free of sugars, toxins and additives.

All AquaBotanical Water is enriched with 74 plant minerals, and our Sparkling variety subtly carbonated, before being packed and sent for you to enjoy.

AquaBotanical Water can be harvested anywhere that fruit and vegetables are already pressed to extract their juices to make products. At the moment we capture water from carrots in Mildura (VIC), tomatoes in Echuca (VIC) and sugar cane in Condong (NSW), but this list is set to grow in the coming months.

AquaBotanical Water tastes just like normal water! There is no fruity or earthy taste to our water, you’d never know it’s made from 100% fruit and vegetables. We’ve even managed to get rid of the slightly salty and acidic after taste that exists in most mineral waters. It has a smooth and silky mouth-feel with a clean finish.

Our filtering and purification method is so effective that the end result is always of the same highest purity level, free from any toxins, irrespective of whether we use organic or no-organic fruit and vegetables. Therefore, AquaBotanical Water is not certified organic and there is no need for it to be. To be certified we would have to source all our produce strictly from organic growers. We support all Australian farmers.

AquaBotanical Water has won several awards over the years making a splash in innovation categories world-wide. Our awards include:  

2019 Food & Beverage Industry Awards
Winner of Beverage of the Year 

2018 Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards
Winner of Best Technology Innovation and Best CSR Initiative 

2018 Zenith InnoBev Awards
Winner of Best Technology Innovation and Best Aqua Drink

2017 Zenith InnoBev Awards
Winner of Best New Drink Concept, Best Sustainability Initiative and Best New Water Concept

2016 Zenith Global Bottled Water Awards
Winner of Best New Water Concept and Best Sustainability Initiative

2016 ANZ Bank
Winner of the Mildura Innovation Award 

2015 Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology
Winner of the Food Industry Award

AquaBotanical Water is harvested from a variety of different fruit and vegetables. Each bottle contains water from a single fruit or vegetable harvest based on season and availability. Regardless of what produce is used, AquaBotanical still has the same great taste.

‘Leave it Better’ is AquaBotanical Water’s purpose. We want to encourage people to make a positive impact. We have a commitment to helping people leave their mind and bodies in a better state, our environment in a better condition, and our animals in a better way. Drinking water is habitual. Why can’t it be intentional?

AquaBotanical Water is proud to be affiliated with the Botanical Water Foundation. This foundation exists to bring the exact same botanical water, free of charge, to communities around the world who need it most.


Yes, AquaBotanical Water is gluten free.

Yes, AquaBotanical Water is 100% plant-based.

Yes, AquaBotanical Water is completely vegan made from 100% fruit and vegetables.

Absolutely! AquaBotanical Water is pure and therefore free of any fruit and vegetable particulates.


pH level value indicates the level of alkalinity or acidity in a substance. As AquaBotanical Water is extracted from fruit and vegetables, the pH levels are subject to change depending on the type of produce that is used. These changes, however, are minimal and undetectable through taste.

AquaBotanical Still: 5.7 pH

AquaBotanical Sparkling: 4.7 pH

Total dissolved solids are the minerals in the water measured in milligrams per litre. Depending on how high the mineral content is of a water, the more distinctive the taste can be.

AquaBotanical Still: 110 TDS (low)

AquaBotanical Sparkling: 840 TDS (high)

Our AquaBotanical Water is enriched with 74 plant minerals – all of which are naturally occurring, ultra-nourishing and easily absorbable. These plant minerals include (but are not limited to):

Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc.

Yes, you can recycle or reuse AquaBotanical Water glass bottles. However, we do ask that the cap is removed and placed in general waste.

Purchasing & Shipping

You can find AquaBotanical in select specialty grocers, but the easiest way to find AquaBotanical Water is online.

You can find AquaBotanical in select restaurants across the country. If you would like to have some served to you at your local restaurant/café, please complete this form.

Please email us at

You can also find us on

We have elected to be an 100% online business. Please order online and contact us via our Contact page.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

Absolutely, your card and details are safe.


Please inspect your order upon arrival. In the event your purchase is faulty, damaged, or incorrect we will work with you to refund or replace your order, just email and we will be happy to assist.

We are unable to refund purchases based on change of mind.

We are unable to refund purchases based on change of mind.

If you wish to cancel or modify your subscription, you can do so at any time by logging in to your Customer Account. With every order, an order confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Your subscription can also be managed from there.